An inkling of method (long poem), 2018
An inkling of method (long poem), 2018

An inkling of method (long poem), 2018 Selected translator’s notes from Wittgenstein’s unpublished manuscript Digital prints, 10 pages 29 x 21.7cm each [The movement of the aside, ARTSPACE, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, 2018]

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Wittgenstein, Ludwig. 1889-1951. Culture and Value: A Selection From The Posthumous Remains. (Vermischte Bemerkungen) Edited by Alois Pichler with Georg Henrik von Wright. Translated by Peter Winch. Oxford, England and Cambridge, Massachusetts: Blackwell, 1998. First published in 1977.

Foreword to the Edition of 1977
“In the manuscript material left by Wittgenstein there are numerous notes which do not belong with his philosophical works though they are scattered among the philosophical texts… Some are autobiographical, some about the nature of philosophical activity, some concern subjects such as questions about art or religion. It is not always possible to separate them sharply for the philosophical text; in many cases, however, Wittgenstein himself hinted at such a separation – by the use of brackets or in other ways… Remarks are published in chronological order…
In absence of explanation some to the remarks will be obscure or enigmatic to a reader who is not familiar with the circumstances of Wittgenstein’s life or with what he was reading…
I ought to add that all the footnotes are the editor’s.
But see Note by Translator.”

Foreword to New Edition 1994
“Wittgenstein usually wrote his remarks in short sections, separated from each other by one or more blank lines… Variants are retained in footnotes (formerly the editor had made a choice)… In the originals many of the remarks are marked with working signs and lines in the margin, these marks were not included as their significance belongs to the context of a work process that is not present here. The same holds for brackets… (that) have a function of delimiting the context and so are meaningful only when the context is included.. Also omitted are deleted text and punctuation marks.” xe.