Antiphonal, 2018
Antiphonal, 2018

Antiphonal, 2018. Notational drawings from sound of weaver’s movements as open score for voice, 46 pages
paper, ink, dressmaker chalk, graphite, carbon, tape, photocopy. Drawings: 28.3 x 21cm each. Sound: 11:30min.

An open score – a weave to be sung, in which the erroneous, misheard and unshaped give form to speculative architectures that propose varying levels or intensities of accessibility.

[Artist residency, Australian Tapestry Workshop, 2018]
[The movement of the aside, Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, 2018 (drawings only); AIR18, Australian Tapestry Workshop, 2019]

Antiphonal, 2018. Sound. Voiced by Bronwyn Calcutt, 11:30min.