Expanded Writers Collective. Asemic. Writing The Virus, 2022
Expanded Writers Collective. Asemic. Writing The Virus, 2022

Writing the Virus. Expanded Writers Collective. Runway Journal, Issue 45: Asemic
Lucinda Stahan, Yoko Akama, Maria Griffin, Anna Farrargo, Cleo Farrago, Pia Ednie-Brown. Coded by Linda Dement.

a textual compost. a continuous script experiment. a way of being together. a place to write. a continuation of grief. choral fragments, wormholes. a refusal of rhetorical continuity. an effervescent experiment. a paradox: together while held apart. collective text written week by week from March 2020 to March 2021. fingers dancing on keyboards. light traveling at 299 792 458 meters per second. 56, 567 words written into a Google document. transpersonal. gentle. slow and fast. thoughts pinned to my back. intersubjective. machine-mediated. poetic. the text in disarray. seeding growth. recasting. Coded by Linda Dement.

Participatory Reading 22 June, 2022.

Runway Journal, Issue 45: Asemic. Guest editor Nancy Mauro-Flude..