They­ refused to play, out of fear, no doubt, 2019
They­ refused to play, out of fear, no doubt, 2019
<p><em>They­ refused to play, out of fear, no doubt</em>, 2019</p>

They­ refused to play, out of fear, no doubt, 2019

Score for ten voices in numbered remarks as asides to the main text of the exhibition On Vulnerability and Doubt, ACCA, Melbourne, 2019.

A form of dispersed authorship, the text is a collation and reworking of phrases from various authors – Anne Carson, Joan Didion, Valeria Luiselli, Eileen Myles, Yvonne Rainer, Sappho, Nathalie Sarautte and the catalogue text – along with overhearings and other unmarked inclusions.
Spoken at once, and into the ear(s) of the listener, the reading figures the unheard, partial and uncertain.

Live choral reading, Doubting Writing/ Writing Doubt, ACCA, Melbourne, 2019.
Readers Yoko Akama, Ava Amedi, Sholto Buck, Shu-Ling Chua, Martina Copley, Pia Ednie-Brown, Melody Ellis, Koulla Roussos, Zara Sigglekow, Anna Westbrook.

Launched at ACCA in partnership with non/fictionLab, the digital publication for Doubting Writing / Writing Doubt follows an inclusive workshop model which seeks to interrogate conventional writing positions and explore writing in the expanded field, in response to ACCA's exhibition On Vulnerability and Doubt.

The online publication includes annotative drawings;
Reading, III and A few failed attempts, 2019, paper, trace, graphite, ink, digital image, each 29.7 x 21cm.

Commissioned by ACCA, Melbourne and RMIT University non/fictionLab